2013/2014 Winter Knockout Results

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2013/2014 Winter Knockout Results

Saturday 12 April 2014

Gareth Boyle is our new Club Champion beating reigning champion Paul Turton 3-0 (winner last 5 years) in the Snooker Open final (over in approximately 1 hour).

Snooker Solihull

Gareth Boyle (right) and Paul Turton

The Snooker Handicap turned out to a bit of a marathon, Martin Hollingworth stormed into a 2-0 lead before George Wolwark clawed his way back into the match finally edging the match 3-2 (match time circa 4 hours finishing around midnight and believe it or not there were still a few spectators remaining?).

Snooker Solihull

George Walwork (right) and Martin Hollingworth

Thanks to Bharat for officiating the Open Final, and Steve Paling and Ken Cartmell for officiating the Handicap.

Saturday 5 April 2014

George Walwork beat the defending champion Richard Plaice in the Billiards Handicap by 15 points.

Dean Bakewell refereed (after reading the complete rules before the match) and an interesting question arose during the match with continuing healthy discussion between players and spectators afterwards i.e. is answering players questions re. the rules permitted during a match and what constitutes advice from the referee!

Ken came to the rescue with an updated rule (which does not appear on the board rules) which I think states that a ref must tell a player the rule if asked – but I think we need to ask Ken again to be sure how the discussion ended……!

George Billiards




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