Car Parking

Morrisons car park arrangements

Morrisons supermarket use cameras and computers capable of number plate recognition to control their car park. Cars should not be left there for more than 2.5 hours or a fine of £80 may ne levied.

Drivers will be able to park in the car park for up to 2.5 hours free of charge and without the need to purchase goods. There will be no barriers and no attendants. Return parking will not be allowed for 3 hours after a car has left.

If a car is left for more than 2.5 hours, the system will discover from DVLA the name and address of the registered owner and a fine of £80 will be raised.

This system operates throughout the 24 hours, even when the store is closed.

Our President has spoken with the store manager and discovered that Morrisons are using this method as a means to prevent people from parking in their car park all day whilst at work and either driving away after the store closes or paying the parking fee which has been significantly cheaper than town centre car parks. The car park is busy when the store is empty of shoppers from first thing in the morning!

If your use of the club will be for less than 2.5 hours, all well and good, Morrisons will suit you fine. If it is likely to be for longer then check with the bar staff if there is space in the yard (0121 705 0701). Free street parking is available after 6 PM in the cul de sac opposite O’Neils pub on the Warwick Road ( busy) or in School Road and Grove Road from where there is a short walk by footpath bringing you out by the Town House restaurant.

Other car parking arrangements have been negotiated for our members. Please ask a committee member or the bar staff for information.

Would team Captains make visiting teams aware of the change so that no-one receives a nasty surprise in the post.