Annual Turkey Pool

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Annual Turkey Pool

Every year in early December The Grenville Club holds its annual Turkey Pool event at which members can win their Christmas Turkey or some whisky and wine to help the season’s celebrations.

TurkeyIf you have been before, it needs no explanation and if you have not been before, then you really should try Turkey Pool night at the Grenville Club.

It officially starts at 8pm and continues until no-one wants to enter another pool (usually into the early hours). You do not need to be there at the start either so you can pop in for an hour a bit later on if that is what suits you.

A free buffet is provided.

Each pool has a voucher or bottle of whisky for the winner and a bottle of wine for the runner-up.

Anyone is capable of winning a pool because there is a lot of luck involved as well as some skill.

Every time you win a pool, you lose another of your 3 lives before you start of the next pool, so the prizes do get pretty well spread around.

Above all, it is a fun night and all the better for a really good turn out.

The date for this year’s Turkey Pool will be confirmed nearer the time.


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